Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

Sask Patient Transfer Services proudly serves Saskatchewan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Contact us any time day or night for more information about our services!

What area do you cover?

Sask Patient Transfer Services is based in both Regina and Saskatoon, however our transportation capabilities have no limits! We have transported patients throughout Saskatchewan as well as to numerous areas of Alberta, Manitoba, BC and the United States.

How much notice is required for booking a transfer?

No notice is required, however the more notice the better to guarantee your desired pickup time slot. Typically transfers are arranged between 1 and 7 days beforehand. Pre-booked transfers will take precedence over last-minute bookings in sequence of completion.

Can transfer times be changed?

Yes, booked transfer times can be altered with no cost penalty if made before the transfer team is en-route, however if another transfer is pre-booked when your desired time change is, there may be a resulting delay.

Can someone accompany the client for the transfer duration?

Yes, escorts, caregivers and/or family member(s) can accompany a client with no additional charges.

Who pays the cost for use of our services?

In some instances the hospital/facility or an approved agency may cover the cost, but in all other cases the client is responsible for the service bill. It is a common misconception that insurance in Saskatchewan will always cover all Ambulance transfers to appointments or a return home, but this is not true in some situations. Insurance providers will cover Ambulance transportation to an Emergency Room for an acute problem resulting from calling 9-1-1, but not necessarily any other transportation. We encourage all clients to submit their receipt for reimbursement with their insurance provider and to contact them to be properly informed what their Ambulance coverage may be. Our services do qualify as a medical expense on Income Taxes. For more information about Ambulance fees in Saskatchewan, visit theseĀ links.

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Improving Patient Flow in the Health Care Community

We provide non-emergency specialized transportation via stretcher for medically stable patients that require professional assistance, but do not require medical interventions and transportation by Ambulance with Paramedics.
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